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This game is fun up until the bossfight, every time I ran up a joint, I got launched 50,000 feet into the air and since there's no air control, I couldn't get to the joint ball to slice it, please add air control or something please, so that I don't feel like flying 50,000 feet into the air, but all in all, good game.

Should add a turning system for players with too little play space to be turning around whilst swinging their arms, potentially hitting what's in front/behind them.


Posted this after having done the above, smashed my finger/controller into the wall, and busted my nail.

Hi there, i work with SideQuest where
we host many Oculus Quest games and try to assist Virtual Reality developers however we can in getting their games into the hands new users be it a demo tests or proper Oculus Quest titles, i thought your game look really fun and wanted to ask if you may ever be able or willing to create a Quest port for it. If you are at all interested you can check out our submission procedure at and for a list of how many currently available titles we have you can check out our listings at
In any case good gaming and hope to see you out there in Virtual Reality some day.

 Looks interesting.

 TBH, i would be content just being to do basic stuff, moving like Genji in Overwatch for instance. 
 I'll download it and offer some feedback later. 


the game is super fun but id like to suggest a way to turn with the controller for people that have small rooms like me >,<

Continue it. And how the hell is this free?? It's an totally amazing game.


Hi, would you guys be willing to meet at Tokyo Game Show this year? I'd love to talk to you about the game. I work with X2 Games in California. we are a new publisher / Developer.

What you have so far is fantastic! But PLEEEEEEASE add a left handed mode. Only notable "bug" would be getting caught at the top lip of a building when running up (i expect to kinda run up the wall and fly off but i sort of just stop dead.)

Really enjoy the movement in this game a lot and the combat. could use some type of map system to tell where objects where, i got super lost lol.

Thanks for the suggestion!  We'll definitely make sure you don't get lost in the next release ^^ 

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Really good concept, I had a lot of fun playing it. The running and grabbing the sword was well done, but somethings that need to be improved is the jumping and the boss battle. I had a hard time jumping at times so something that would help is have there be different input methods so you can switch between the controllers to jump and a button. The legs on the boss where a little difficult to run up at times. Climbing up buildings was really annoying so being able to launch you self up the wall with giant pulls instead of needing to climb it like a ladder would help with that. It would also allow me to play it for longer period of time. I had a lot of fun playing and I can't wait to see what this becomes. Keep up the good work.

Hi, thanks so much for the helpful feedback!   We're really glad you had fun with our prototype.  
When you say you had a hard time jumping, do you mean jumping over things or just in general?  There were several comments regarding the climbing feature, so that is definitely being axed for the official release!  We've also revamped the boss battle, so hopefully it'll be less difficult and more challenging and fun :)  

Hey so I have played the demo a few more times and showed it to my friends. They seemed to really enjoy it. With the jumping I think I just had to practice it more because after a while to started to get easier. Also two quick questions do you plan to release it on steam and when is the release date